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IMPACTED BY ECONOMY | Credit - Job | (BK-Short Sale - Forclosure)

You're ready to get back into a home of your own.  You are tired of being qualified to death before an agent will even answer your call.  You want to work with someone that understands you didn't control what happened with your job, mortgage or credit.  I am that someone.  I lived through these changes right along with you.  I understand the feeling of helplessness as lifetimes of progress were snatched out from under people.  I have the ability to get you what you want and make it as easy as possible.

Whether you've had a  foreclosure a Short Sale or a previous bankruptcy Getting back in to the Real Estate Market can be intimidating.  Depending on your individual circumstances there can be a number of financing options and services designed to help put you back on the road to Home Ownership

I am ready to help you re-enter the housing market, and together, you and I will cover the changes, address all your questions and give you answers to questions you may not even know you had.  My goal is to make your move back into the housing market as smooth and pleasant as possible.

I won't send you emails - I won't flood your phone with text messages asking you to prove your worth before we talk - I will pick up the phone - I will listen to your needs and, together, you and I will find and secure the new home you're seeking.  All you have to do is call me now at 480-703-4117, my name is Jason Hall, I'm local and ready to work for you.