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What Is A CASA?


WHAT IS A CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)

Imagine what it would be like to be removed from your home by strangers and taken to temporary housing. It's not because of something you did, but because your parents can't -or won't -care for you, keep you safe or place you in harms way.
Now into your life come dozen's of strangers: police, foster parents, social workers, judges, lawyers and more. Having a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) means having by your side a trained and committed adult who has been appointed by a judge to watch over and advocate for your best interests. The CASA will make sure you don't get lost in the overburdened legal and social service systems, or languish in an inappropriate foster or group home. They will be there for you until your case is closed.


There are over 10,000 abused and neglected children in Maricopa County alone. These at risk children would fill to capacity the ASU Wells Fargo Arena. Thankfully, 5% of these children have a CASA to look out for their best interests and to remain with them for as long as it takes to find a safe, permanent home.
Having received a CASA and Been A CASA. This organization is Close to my Heart both Personally and Professionally.  I decided to become a CASA in 2010 and served as one through 2013 and have recently Joined Forces with Voices for CASA because it allows me an opportunity to make a bigger difference for the program.


Buy or sell a home with me and a donation of up to 5% of the gross commissions or a maximum of 500.00 will be contributed in your name to help with the overall mission of “Voices For CASA”.